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Why you should engage with Makara Jaya Marine Suitability Survey?

Independent – Safe – Reliable – Efficient

PT. Makara Jaya Marine consisted of highly competent & qualified personnel (Consultant, Surveyor & Office Staff) with strong passion in marine industry for Safe, Reliable and Efficient marine operation.

Our qualified work still got best acknowledgement from our valuable clients.


Our Services for Suitability Survey

Independent – Safe – Reliable – Efficient

To ensure your marine unit is ready for the job.

Survey coverage:

  • Hull and Machinery Condition

  • Equipment Capability for Specific Project

  • Crew Competency and Capability Verification

  • Ship Management System Verification

  • Certification and Documentation

Report Format:

  • MAKARA standard format

  • IMCA format

  • OVID format

  • P&I format

  • H&M format


Our Service Process

Independent – Safe – Reliable – Efficient

Our Inspection Process:

  • Confirm Order

  • Survey Day

  • Summary Report (Within 24 hours)

  • Final Report (Within 72 hours)

  • Confirm Payment (Within 30 days)

Very Competitive Price for Your Demand

Independent – Safe – Reliable – Efficient

We offer:

  • Transparency & Flexibility on Demand

  • Choice to Pay As You Go

  • Guarantee That Our Services Will Be Profitable for All Parties

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