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PT. Makara Jaya Marine is a trusted Marine Surveyor & Engineering Consultant and is established in 2011.

We are here for supporting you in your specific project related to marine aspect for ensuring maximum satisfaction in marine assurance by eliminating/minimizing risk thus the marine operation is being acceptable & tolerable to the Industry & Marine Insurance as well as National & International Regulatory Bodies.

Our services comprise as Marine Survey, IMCA Survey, OVID Survey, Damage Survey, Marine Consultant, Pre Shipment Survey, MWS Survey, Bunker Survey, will be handle by our qualified Marine Surveyor, IMCA Surveyor, OVID Surveyor, Damage Surveyor, Pre Shipment Surveyor, MWS Surveyor, and Bunker Surveyor.

We are fully licences company and have been recognized & accepted by the Market/Industry of Insurance companies, Oil & Gas companies and Ship Owner/Shipping companies.

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Our Services

PT. Makara Jaya Marine provide assistance for YOUR needs related to marine aspects for your maximum satisfaction for your specific project, include but not limited to Marine Advisory & Engineering Assessment/Calculation.

Pre-Operation Survey

A requirement for vessel to be operated in one area or operation it is to confirm the vessel is matched minimum requirement of the industry related and the operation particularly by explore and examine the details by conducted the inspection of the vessel condition which included the equipment as well as the operator itself.

The survey can be related to the kind of:

  • suitability condition
  • on-off hire condition/consumable
  • bunker survey
  • pre purchase and appraisal survey

Pre-Shipment Survey

The safety factor for transporting the cargoes by using vessel from one placed to another placed or location could be refer to the how was the preparation made, since the safety is the first priority of the whole vessel operation then action has to be taken for ensuring the carrier, loading and off-loading sequences and arrangement and most important is of how to secured the goods to avoid any damage along the voyage or during loading and off-loading.

    Post Incident Survey

    Risk can only be reducing but could not be eliminated, the most important lesson learns for the entire incident happen is to avoid the same thing happen in future. For ensuring the think become objective the investigation for find out the root cost analysis and how big the effect of the incident to human life, goods, environment and business itself, then a deep investigation need to be carried out and the outcome and the recommendation of the investigation will be the document as information of next step to be taken and cost aroused due to the incident.

      Marine Advisory

      A few Marine operations can be categorized as special operation, in order to make the operation in line with the industry practice and successful of the operation which will be part of the underwriter concern, marine expertise will prepare and provide the whole things required from marine matter for the operation of the marine spread used and marine operator qualification.

        Marine Engineering

        Marine consultancy and Marine Warranty businesses not only the marine spread or vessel, engineering designed and analysis are part of the marine consultancy and marine warranty.

          Marine Training

          Providing support for your people strengthening by delivering knowledge to improve technical skill as well as soft skill combination (motivation to people) so your valuable personnel will have maximum performance standard and acceptable by the industry.

            LSA & FFE

            Apakah yang di maksud dengan LSA dan FFE? LSA atau Life Saving Appliance adalah sebuah standar keselamatan yang harus dipenuhi sebuah kapal, untuk menjamin keselamatan awak kapal bila terjadi bencana....

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            Marine Surveyor

            Marine Surveyor memiliki banyak sekali jenis dan ragam kegiatannya, namun secara garis besar pekerjaan Marine Surveyor yaitu melakukan pemeriksaan atas object berupa barang yang dalam hal ini bisa jadi alat...

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